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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Moon-Mad Selby

Moon-mad Selby, stutter-stepping Selby

Prowls on the old stone porch

The Lady is high in a late autumn sky

Selby yowls in Siamese chords.

Moon-glad Selby, sniffing whiffing Selby

Shivers by the maple tree

The golden light is falling over kitten caterwauling

Selby quivers curiously

Moon-dazzled Selby, leaping springing Selby

Clambers up a tempting branch

The lady moon is watching as Selby goes hopscotching

Scrambling in a treetop dance.

Moon-struck Selby, frisky whiskered Selby

Frolics among the leaves

Tthe round light is glowing, November wind is blowing

Selby rollicks beneath the eaves.

Moon-filled Selby, patting batting Selby

cuffs at shadows everywhere

Even as the night's advancing, the magic light's enchanting

Selby scuffles with the air.

Moon-sated Selby, happy tired Selby

Daydreams by his cozy bed

Pouncing at the stars, saying his au revoirs.

Moonbeams prancing in his head.

Moon-mad Selby, purring moonstruck Selby

Counting little moonlit sheep

The full moon is shining, the drowsy cat's reclining

He shuts his eyes and falls asleep.

Oh moon-crazed Selby, dazed dozing Selby

Enamored of the wide night sky,

Moon-kissed Selby, silly snoring Selby

The harvest moon sings hush-a-bye. . .

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